If our fields, orchards, and vineyards could talk, here is what they would report.

January 2021

This has been an exceptionally mild winter.  While it gave us better outdoor working conditions, the ground has not frozen over as much as usual, nor have we had measurable snowfall to blanket the fields.  Our white Niagara grapes have to be in significant dormancy to be pruned, so January is when we begin to prune those, which takes us several months.

February 2021

Brrrrr, frigid temperatures, windy, and snowy.  One of our favorite parts about February is opening the greenhouse, giving us a warm place to work (and just like being in the tropics on a sunny day.)  Our tomatoes have been planted and are starting to grow to ensure we can have a BLT in May!

March 2021

The weather has been a bit warmer than normal and it feels good to be able to work outside, finishing up the remaining pruning and beginning to prepare fields for planting.  We finally have had several nice rains which were desperately needed as without much of a snow pack this year, the soil is abnormally dry.   But…..what is with this wind….so worried that we are going to see our greenhouse plastic blowing off!