2021 Corey Lake Orchards Sunflower Field Experience

A visit to one of our sunflower fields is guaranteed to pick up your day and positively set your frame of mind!  Take time from life’s daily routines to stroll through the field, take pictures, and just sit and relax among the thousands of sunflowers in bloom.  We will have several fields this year and they bloom at different times.  Each field only lasts about two weeks.

Professional photography sessions are available evenings and after hours for a fee.  Check our photography policy for more information on this or contact Brenda@coreylakeorchards.com.


  • Field opens at 9 am, must be out by 5 pm.  Closed Tuesdays.
  • Please call ahead before traveling to make sure the sunflowers are in bloom
  • Depending on the weather, each field will typically last 10 to 14 days.

Admission Fee and Pricing

  • $6 for ages 11 years and up
  • $3 for accompanied children 37 inches through 10 years old
  • No charge for children up to 36 inches tall on our Sunflower measuring stick
  • Season pass is $20, unlimited visits
  • Additional blooms are $2 each or $1.50 each for 6 or more
  • Please check in at the market for tickets and directions to the field

Admission fee for each ticket holder includes:

  • A complimentary sunflower to take home. Cutting tool, bag, and water provided.
  • Walk through the meandering pathway through the field – long or short
  • General agricultural educational information posted along the route
  • Photo opportunities throughout the field with sunflowers, props, and antique farm vehicles
  • Picnic tables, hay bales and other areas to relax
  • Parking adjacent to the field and priority parking for those who need to park closer

What to Bring

  • Sturdy walking shoes as the terrain is rough, uneven, and rocky (you can carry nicer shoes for photo purposes if desired)
  • Sturdy stroller or small wagon is helpful.  We will have a limited number of wagons on hand to borrow.
  • Sunscreen, hat, water, cell phone for pictures

Cutting and caring for your complimentary sunflower

We will be loaning you our cutting shears.  Please return these to the basket provided at the exit in the field.

  • Select the flower you want and cut the stem on a 45-degree angle.
  • Leave around 2 feet of stem to allow the water to be “taken up” by the stem for keeping longer.
  • When you exit, put your flower immediately in a bag of water to take home

Once home, change the water daily and re-cut the stem.  Use lukewarm water and keep the flowers out of the sun!  If you follow these directions, they should last a week to 10 days😊

We ask your help in following these rules:

  • Absolutely no smoking on any part of the farm
  • No open alcohol will be allowed
  • Please stay on the sunflower field path to avoid damaging sunflowers still growing.
  • Please stay inside the boundaries of the sunflower area which has been marked. If you see a line of orange cones or large crates, we ask that you not go behind these for your safety and to help protect our crops.  Please do not enter any buildings or other areas of the farm.

While at the market, find some additional sunflower-themed gift and grocery items!  Or try one of our cold slushies! We hope you have a great experience.  We would love to see your photos on our social media page or email them to us at coreylakeorchards@gmail.com.