When We are Open

Reminder on our days and hours:  Open 9 am to 6 pm every day, including holidays.  Closed Tuesdays.  To call us with an order or a question:  269-244-5690.

Happenings on the Farm

Apple Thinning.  This year it is either too much or too little for apple varieties, with some trees bare and some trees crowded with too many apples.  This week we thinned apples from the trees so that the remaining apples would have a chance to grow to their normal (or larger) size. ‘

Sweet Corn.  We pick lots of corn every morning, by hand, and lately in every condition – too muddy to walk, too hot, to this morning’s 58 degrees which combined with the wet dew, really woke up our crew!  We have had issues with corn filling out the ears this year due to weather variations.  We prepack our corn for you and we pack 14 in a dozen and 7 in a half dozen in case we missed throwing one out.

We pick fresh daily to ensure you get the most flavorful corn.  Opening the ears to look at them makes them dry out and not retain the freshness.  One thing we do in the field is taste tasting corn, eating it raw to make sure it has the necessary sweetness.  If you haven’t tried this, you should.  It is delicious!

Like other businesses, we are experiencing labor shortages and one day this week we had new pickers.  If you got corn this week and were not happy with it, please tell us and we will make it right.  We pride ourselves on our produce quality.  Anytime something is not right with your purchase please let us know so we can resolve it.

Below is a picture of a young customer eating raw corn and loving it!

Sunflowers.  We also cut “pathways” through the sunflower fields to create meandering paths throughout the fields where you can walk and enjoy the many flowers.  We cut the field using a mower and also by hand.

Sunflower Update: the Sunflowers are Coming!

Our first sunflower field is about a week away from blooming.  Today we spotted the advance party of a single sunflower.  The rest will not be far behind.  We anticipate opening sometime late next week if the weather cooperates.

Our plan is to try to have a continuous sunflower experience for you through Labor Day weekend.  However, it depends on the weather and the sunflowers.  We will be posting details soon on our website regarding the sunflower experience such as hours, pricing, and more.

On The Market

Apples – Jersey Mac – new
Brussel sprouts
Eggplant – new
Fresh Cut Flower bouquets
Garlic Scapes
Green Beans
Green Onions
Lettuce – regular and spicy, and bagged Arugula
Sweet Corn
Swiss Chard
Tomatoes – regular, mini, and finally green tomatoes!
Yellow Squash

Bulk Produce for Canning and Freezing.  We have started our “lists” for bulk quantities of sweet corn, tomatoes (first and second quality), and green beans.  If you are interested in any of these items, give us your name and phone number along with the approximate amount.  When we have them available, we will give you a call.  (269-244-5690)

Jersey Mac Apples.  We just started to pick some and have them for sale on the market.  These are considered a summer apple and have a taste and characteristics of their MacIntosh parent.  Great for fresh eating as well as pies and applesauce.

Cantaloupe and Watermelon.  These delights are coming, but probably not for 10 days to two weeks yet, so patience please!

Peaches:  We should have some peaches in about a week to 10 days.  Sadly, we lost most of our peaches in the spring frosts/freezes, so we will only have them in small quantities for fresh eating, like quarts.  At least we can all get a taste and savor them while they are here.

Grocery Items.  Assortment of local meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs, jam, jelly, salsa, maple syrup, honey, chips, tortilla chips, ice cream, and more.

Gift Items.  Assorted greeting cards, pottery, artwork, sculptures, Mad Mats, and more.


U-Pick.  Our small field is open for picking and we provide containers.  Our current variety is Jersey, which is a small, but sweet berry.  The berry size does make it take longer to pick!  The field opens at 9 am and you must be out by 5 pm.  See our Blueberry U-Pick page on our website for prices, hours, and more details.

If you want larger quantities consider going to Brookside Farms in Paw Paw.  They have a delightful farm for you to visit and pick at – 269-657-3500 or check their website:  https://brooksidefarmsmi.com/

Already Picked.  We have blueberries already picked in the market ranging from pints and 18-ounce containers to 5- and 10-pound boxes.  Brookside Farms has been our blueberry supplier for a number of years.  However, with the almost daily rain and labor shortages, they may not be able to provide us with a regular supply of berries.  If looking for 5- and 10-pound boxes, call first to make sure we have some on hand before you drive out.


Donuts.  Just a reminder that we only make donuts on Saturdays and Sundays.  And we start early in the morning!  We make fresh Buttermilk, Cherry, and Blueberry donuts, plain and sugared.  Below, the moon starting to set last Saturday morning when we started making donuts.

Fruit Pies.  This year our pies are frozen “take and bake” only; we no longer offer “ready to eat” pies.  Having them frozen allows us to offer a full variety of pies every day the market is open, not just on weekends.  If you are driving far, bring a cooler or insulated freezer bag.  The pies are simple to bake, take about an hour, ready to bake when you need them, and give your house a mouthwatering aroma!  So far customers are liking this better.  The pies are hot right out of your oven, plus extra pies can be tucked in the freezer for that time when you need a dessert!  Baking directions are included on each pie.

Pie Varieties:  Apple, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Cherry Berry, Peach, and Strawberry-Rhubarb.  Below are cherry-berry pies being made.

Slushies.  With the heat of summer already here, enjoy a nice cold slushie!  We have Strawberry, Mango, Strawberry-Mango mix, or Cider.

Baked Goods from Yoder’s

We are offering additional homemade baked goods from Yoder’s Country Store.

  • Each day the market is open – cookies and breads.
  • Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only – Amish fry pies and cinnamon rolls

Amish Fry Pies (pocket-sized, half circle pie): Apple, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon, Peach, Red Raspberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb

Breads (pre-sliced, ready to use!): Dill, English Muffin, Italian Cheese, Jalapeno Cheddar, Multigrain, Oatmeal, Raisin Cinnamon, and Sourdough

Cinnamon Rolls with cream cheese icing

Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Molasses, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Sandwich, Peanut Butter, Sugar Cookies, and Whoopi Pies

Order Ahead!  You can always call the market and order you favorite baked goods to ensure that we will have them.

Spirits, Wine, and Hard Ciders

On Saturdays, we offer informal tastings of alcohol products for you to try before you purchase!  You are welcome to purchase glasses of hard cider or wine and sit and enjoy it around the various tables we have around the market when our sampling station is open.

We have a nice selection of alcohol produced on the farm.

  • Fruit brandy in 375ml and 750ml sizes
  • Wine – an assortment of sweet and dry
  • Hard cider in 12-ounce bottles.  You can purchase them individually or mix and match them in a discounted 4- or 6-pack.

Introducing our Newest Wines

We have added three new wines to our lineup that will give us a range from sweet to dry, white and red – something for everyone!  Stop by and try them this Saturday during our informal tastings.

Corey Lake Crisp.  A dry, white blend bottled for Corey Lake Orchards with a finish not unlike biting into a perfectly crisp apple.

Hubbard’s Red.  A dry, red blend bottled for Corey Lake Orchards, dry like our wit and fruity like our farm.

Market Red.  A semi-dry, red bottled for Corey Lake Orchards, best served chilled while chilling with your friends and family.

Annual All Things Local Festival – August 8

Please plan to stop by on Sunday, August 8 between 11 am and 3 pm for our 4th Annual All Things Local “Downtown to Down Home” Festival.  We will have over 25 vendors including artwork from members of the Three Rivers Artists Guild, food from Maple Row Sugarhouse and Happy Landing, music by Slim Jim and the Window Breakers, face painting, and much more!  See the flyer for more information.

Yoga at the Orchard – August 14

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be offering Yoga classes on select Saturday mornings!  In addition to getting a good workout led by our certified Yoga instructor Cynthia, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in nature in several areas of the farm.

The first class is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 starting at 9 am at the Sunflower field.  Mark your calendar now and stay tuned for more details!

Visit us at local Farmer’s Markets

We participate in two local farmer’s markets.  Please stop by and check out our items.  See schedules and addresses for both locations. \https://coreylakeorchards.com/farmers-markets/ 

COVID-19 Guidelines

We are following operational guidance from the CDC as well as State and local health rules.  We are an open-air market and masks are optional though we encourage you to wear them if you have not been vaccinated.  Our staff has been vaccinated and are not required to wear masks.  Please note that we also follow food safety rules that regulate how produce is harvested and packaged.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you for shopping local.
From everyone at Corey Lake Orchards