We make our hard ciders from apples grown in our orchards and other fruits grown here at our farm.  The maple syrup is grown nearby; we strive to use local ingredients when possible.  Our hard ciders are created in small batches to give you a uniquely refreshing flavor and taste!

Available in 12-ounce bottles (in order from sweetest to driest).

  • Sweet Apple
  • Maple
  • Blueberry
  • Peach Pear (temporarily SOLD OUT)
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry (seasonal, gone for 2023)
  • Semi-Sweet Apple
  • Rhubarb (seasonal, gone for 2023)
  • Dry Apple


What is the difference between sweet or soft apple cider and apple juice?

Sweet or soft apple cider is fresh pressed 100% apple juice that is not filtered and may not be pasteurized.  Apple juice is filtered and thus clearer, and heat treated to extend shelf life as in being canned or bottled. Our fresh sweet or soft apple cider is a unique fall delight because it is untreated and available for a short time each year.  Fresh cider can be frozen to save for a later date, but again has a short shelf life once defrosted.  Sweet or soft cider is the raw purer version of apple juice.  Corey Lake Orchards does not pasteurize our sweet cider.

What is the difference between sweet or soft cider and hard cider?

Hard cider is fermented sweet or soft cider.  The fermentation process results in an alcoholic beverage.  Bottled or canned, hard cider has a stable shelf life.

What is the alcohol content of hard cider?

Generally, hard cider has an alcohol percentage of 4 to 7%.

How is hard cider different from beer?

Both have similar alcohol content and carbonation.  Cider is naturally gluten free because it is apple-based, and apples are gluten-free.  Beer contains grains that have gluten.

What is the difference between hard apple cider and apple wine?

One simple difference is that apple wine has a higher alcohol content and is not carbonated unless it is a sparkling wine.

Is hard apple cider kosher?


Is hard apple cider vegan?


Are there allergens in hard cider?

Hard ciders do have sulfites, which are found in all fermented products.

Are Corey Lake Orchards’ hard ciders available in cans?

No, we bottle our cider onsite.  Our bottles can be purchased in any amount with discounts on larger purchases of 4- or 6-packs and cases.

Is Corey Lake Orchards’ hard cider sold in a keg?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Can Corey Lake Orchards’ ciders be ordered online and shipped?

No, Corey Lake Orchards does not ship any of our products.  Our hard cider is available at select local restaurants and retail establishments as well as at our market.  When we are closed for the season, you can make an appointment to purchase and pickup any of our alcoholic products.

What hard ciders does Corey Lake Orchards offer? 

Currently, we have seven:  Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, Blueberry, Peach Pear, Strawberry, and Maple.  In the spring we offer a limited edition, Rhubarb cider.

What is your bestselling hard cider?

Both the Blueberry and Peach Pear are very popular.  Besides being just good cider, these flavors are more in the middle of the dry to sweet spectrum therefore having broader appeal.

Where and how are Corey Lake Orchards’ hard ciders made?

Our hard ciders begin with the pressing of our apples onsite into sweet cider.  The sweet cider is fermented into hard cider and flavored in small batches with additional ingredients to provide a variety of options for our customers.

Is it possible to sample Corey Lake Orchards’ hard ciders?

Yes, we offer informal tastings on the market typically on Saturdays.  Watch for happy hours or other tasting events scheduled with our festivals.