Wednesday, December 13, 2023
We will be open for shopping this Saturday with pies, alcohol, apples, onions, limited fresh produce, and more!  We will also have farm-raised meats from Jake’s Country Meats and holiday centerpieces from Flowerfield Farmstead available.  See information below on Lazy River Vodka, our newest spirit.  Don’t miss this opportunity to restock or pick up holiday gifts and needs.
Saturday, December 16 from 9 am to 1 pm
Several Ways to Shop with Us!
To make a better, convenient, (and warmer) shopping experience for everyone, we now offer several ways to shop. 

1.  Stop by the market and shop in person.  We have moved some of our produce, baked goods, grocery items, and alcohol into the bakery where it is warmer.  Just give us a few minutes in case we need to fetch something for you from the stockroom or cold storage.  Feel free to park closer to the market.

2.  Order in advance for curbside pick-up.  When you arrive, please pull up and park next to the market.  Call us at (269) 244-5690 to let us know you are here, and we will bring it to you.  You can pay by cash, check, or credit card.

3.  Pre-order some of your items in advance and shop for other items in person.  If you are picking up bags of apples (and we hope you will!), pies, or alcohol products, it is easier for us if we can pull those in advance and have them ready for you.

How do I order in advance?
1.  Call us at (269) 244-5690 to place your order.  If we miss you, please leave a message so we can call you back.  Do NOT leave your order on the answering machine.

2.   Email your order to  We will confirm the order via email (and call you if we have a question).  Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and the items and quantities you want.

What if I cannot make it on December 16?  Am I able to still preorder and pick it up a different day? 
Yes, you can still shop by appointment starting December 10 and throughout the entire month.  Just call us (269) 244-5690 to arrange a day and time.

Will you be open anytime after December?
Possibly.  Stay tuned as we may open for another Saturday(s) in January!  You can always shop by appointment.

Introducing our New Vodka
We have added a new product to our line of hand-crafted spirits – Lazy River Vodka!

Sean has expertly crafted it from American corn in small batches, distilled it five times and filtered it for ultimate smoothness.  The result is a classic, clean and gluten free vodka that satisfies every taste.  The perfect start this holiday season to make any of your favorite cocktails flow.

It also makes a perfect gift!  We have olive brine, olives, and a great Dirty Martini recipe for those cocktail lovers on your list.
Holiday Centerpieces
We will have a selection of holiday centerpieces from Flowerfield Farmstead.  You may recall seeing their wreaths and candles here for sale from previous years.

These gorgeous, earthy centerpieces are the perfect festive element for your home!  They would also make a lovely hostess or holiday gift.  Each one is hand-crafted with local greens, seasonal adornments, and love!

If you can’t stop by Saturday or are looking for a certain size or delivery, go to their website to order.

What’s for Sale on the Market
We have apples, onions, other produce, alcohol, baked goods, grocery items, and more.  See our Winter Market Sales page online for the latest list of what we have available for sale.

Buy any two bags of apples and get the third (same size) bag for free!  Get all the same or mix and match between varieties including Cameo, Fuji, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Red Rome.

Apple Seconds are available for use in processing (making your own juice or sauce) or to feed animals.  Available in half bushel bags or 15-bushel bins.  (Exempt from sale.)

Sweet Onions
Buy two, get one free bag of onions!  Our sweet onions, now cured, will keep through the winter.  They are available individually or 10-pound  bags.  Choose yellow or red onions.  Shallots sold individually.

Winter Squash Sale
Individually priced.  Varieties available: Acorn, Buttercup, Sweet Dumpling.

Pie Pumpkins
Roast them just like a squash and in place of canned pie puree.  Sold individually.

Fresh Salad Greens
From Bankson Lake Farms.  Choose from just lettuce, spicy lettuce, lettuce heads, arugula, kale, and spinach.  Also mushrooms and garlic bulbs.

Alcohol Products
Our products are made on-site in small batches.  We distill the brandies on the farm, and use our fresh apple cider as the basis for fermenting our hard ciders.
Hard ciders: Blueberry, Cherry, Peach Pear, Maple, Dry, Semi-Sweet, and Sweet

Wines: Bramblin’ Raspberry Rose’, Corey Lake Crisp, Double Cherry, Full House White, Hubbard Red, Market Red, Peach and Honey, and Unwinding Rose

Brandy: Apple Oaked, Apple Unoaked, Cherry, Concord, Peach, Pear
Perfect for gift giving!

Spirits: White Whiskey and our brand new Lazy River Vodka!

Baked Goods
We have assorted baked goods – all frozen – just thaw or bake.

  • Apple Crisp
  • Strombolis (frozen, ready to bake) – assorted flavors in breakfast, traditional, and pizza styles.
  • Focaccia bread
  • Donuts – Apple Cider, Pumpkin, and Buttermilk
  • Fruit pies (frozen, ready to bake) – Apple, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Pumpkin, and Strawberry Rhubarb.

Locally harvested maple syrup and honey, and Amish-made jams, jellies, and salsas.  We also have assorted cheeses, crackers, chips, mustard, granola, salad dressings, and more.Farm-Raised Meats from Jake’s Country Meats

  • Pork products: Thick-Cut Pork Chops, Boneless Smoked Pork Chops, Hickory Bacon, Pork Sausage Patties, Pork Sausage Links, Bratwurst, Bulk Pork Sausage, and Bulk Ground Pork.
  • Ready to Eat: Fennel Salami, Pepperoni, Summer Sausage, Soppressata, Pork BItes Honey, Pork Bites BBQ.
  • Chicken legs quarters
Fall Apples – What’s Currently Available
     Cameo.  A firm, crisp, and sweet apple that resists browning.  Great for fresh eating, applesauce, or baking.  Keeps well in your refrigerator.
     Fuji.  An incredibly sweet flavor, low acid content, and crisp.  Excellent all-purpose use for snacking, baking, and cooking.
     Gold Rush.  Tart when initially harvested, but when kept in storage, the flavor balances, creating a sweet, acidic, and tangy taste.  A cross between Golden Delicious with Rome Beauty and Winesap.  Stores for months.
 Granny Smith.  A bright green apple with gray dots.  The apple is tart making it good for pies and fresh eating.  The traditional “sour green” apple.
Pink Lady. Medium size apple with a firm, crisp flesh, and a tart taste with a sweet finish.  Stores well.
Red Delicious.  America’s most popular apple, known for the “five little bumps” on the bottom. Best for fresh eating and snacks.  Full-flavored sweet taste, yellowish flesh, and crisp texture.
     Red Rome.  A big, round, red apple right out of storybooks!  They have a mild, sweet flavor. Most popular for baking because it holds flavor and shape well.
Yellow Delicious.  A gingery-smooth, sweet taste under a thin skin. It is the most popular yellow apple, good eaten fresh, baked or cut in salads.  Makes a nice apple sauce and many people use for canning pie filling.
Thank you for your continued support and for buying local.  Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards wishes you a joyous and happy Holiday season!