One of our available spaces is the “Onion Barn”, a pavilion-type building behind the market where we often hang onions in the Fall to dry.  It is an open-air, casual space with a view of Kaiser Lake.  There are skylights in the roof for natural lighting and a few electrical outlets.  The Onion Barn is located near the market and children’s play area and is ideal for club meetings, open houses (like graduations), family get-togethers, and neighborhood or social groups.

Below are photos from a bridal shower this spring.

Guest entranceway for signage. Entranceway can be uniquely decorated for your event.

Overview of the space. It seats approximately 40 guests.

There are vintage tables and chairs for guest seating.

More vintage tables and chairs.

We can provide seasonal produce as well as baked goods and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Space is “contained” to keep your event private.

There are several rustic posts that can be decorated.

A greeting or registration table can be placed near the guest entrance.

Overview of the space in use.

Use our seating, or supplement with your own.

Folding tables for food and beverage.

A high counter for drinks, food, paper goods, or other displays.

Space can be decorated unique to your theme.

An antique orchard sprayer can be decorated.