U-Pick Apples

We have several sections of the apple orchard open for U-pick.  No reservations are needed.  You must be done and checked out of the orchard 30 minutes before the market closes.  Keep in mind that we are closed Mondays and Wednesdays.

Check in at the market; you will be given directions and bags for picking.  There is a one peck minimum.

Important Updates.  See the home page of our website for any last-minute updates on apple picking.   www.coreylakeorchards.com

While you can reach most of the apples from the ground, bringing a stepstool or kitchen ladder is encouraged.

See the homepage of our website for a list of apples currently available.

Pricing.  You must pick a minimum quantity of one peck.  The prices are:

  • $7.50 half peck (may pick in combination with another half peck or larger size bag)
  • $12 peck
  • $19 half bushel
  • $36 bushel

How to Pay

  • Prepay at the market (you will be given a receipt)
  • Pay at the market after picking

We accept cash, check, WIC Project Fresh/ Senior Project Fresh Coupons at the market and orchard (when staffed).  Credit cards are accepted at the market only.

What to Bring.  We will provide you with bags for picking.  You may bring short, kitchen-type stools to help you reach the fruit.

All restroom facilities are located at the main market.

U-Pick Etiquette

  • Pick only if you are feeling well and healthy.
  • Please follow the instructions given to you by the orchard staff.
  • No climbing trees or bending down branches as these actions will damage or break the limbs on the tree. We want our trees to be “fruitful” for years to come.
  • Pick only in the designated areas / trees currently open for picking. The other apple trees are later varieties that are not ripe yet.
  • Only touch apples you put in your picking bag.
  • Do not eat or drink in the orchard, which includes sampling apples. Our picnic areas will be open, and food and drink can be consumed while sitting there.
  • For food safety, a handwashing station and portajon are available at the main market.
  • You are not allowed to drive into the orchard but will be parking on the perimeter.
  • Please drive carefully in the orchard area, watch for pedestrians and trees.
  • Please be respectful of other guests and our property.

How to Pick Apples

  • Please pick apples from trees with orange cones / designated area
  • Pick the ripest apples
  • Pick like a pro! When two apples are together, hold one in each hand to prevent one from falling when you pick the other.
  • Be gentle putting them into your bag – or when you get home they will be bruised
  • Please be careful in the orchard, your safety is important to us
  • Please be gentle with our trees when picking, no climbing on trees. FEET ON THE GROUND
  • Due to food safety regulations, we ask that no dogs be in the picking area. They can be in the parking areas on a leash; please pick up after them.
  • If you need help, have questions, or need another bag to pick more apples, find the orchard supervisor.
  • Have fun!!

Questions.  Please call Corey Lake Orchards at (269) 244-5690 during business hours to speak with one of our staff.

Have fun, be careful in the orchard and enjoy your apples!  Please visit the main market for an ice-cold slushy, a donut, or other goodies!